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Our services
Advertising strategy development
Based on own expertise and special tools:
- explore markets and competitors;
- study the motives and behavior of consumers;
- we develop and implement a strategy that solves the key objectives of the brand: increasing brand awareness, increasing consumption, increasing loyalty among the target audience
Media planning & buying
- purchase of blogger's platforms on exclusive conditions;
- advertising from context and push-messages to video-integrations and product placement.
Digital creative & production
- the full production cycle of promotional products;
- own video production studio;
- design, post-production and sound recording departments;
- creation of advertising of any complexity.
Social Media Marketing
We communicate with consumers on behalf of the brand on a daily basis. Each message must convey the value of a brand.
Our team
Dmitry Makarov
General Director
Alexander Dovzhenko
Commercial Director
Derevyanko Vitalii
Head of eSports
Kubis Vladimir
Head of production
Alexander Glyh
Project Manager
Elizaveta Prima
Lineal Producer
Ilya Rossol
Head of eSports
Laura Zelinska
Account Manager
to reach the largest possible target audience, increase brand awareness via video bloggers. The reference of one of the integrations on the channel is TOKARKA (300K + subscribers). Number of views of this video is 400K +.
The entertaining group in VK and YouTube channel with e-sports were created especially for the client. "Battle of bloggers" was organized and conducted (it’s a unique event in the world of e-sports, when 2 well-known bloggers played against each other in CS:GO). Betting line on the site Es.Bet was opened specially for this event.
Results: Subscribers of the group in VK are 3000; YouTube-channel subscribers are 6000
creation and promotion of unique news English-language content for the European audience.
Cooperation period: 8 months
Result: the creation and promotion of the English-language news YouTube channel, which expanded the loyalty and the number of active European audiences on the advertiser's website. рекламодателя.
• attraction of new users • trades on advertiser’s website
Cooperation period: since august 2017
Result: new users 80000+
Main tools: advertising campaigns on Youtube and Twitch
promotion of the site in social networks
Cooperation period: 2 months
Results: • Coverage in social networks 1M+ • Number of registrations 700+ • Number of deposits 300+
to cover as much of the target audience as possible by means of video-bloggers, raise brand awareness, show, how to feel excitement with the help of Bodo.
Realization: native advertising on 3 popular video-bloggers’ channels
Result: videos with native ads have been viewed 499K+ times
to attract new users to the company's website. Promotion of a new direction - "Betting on eSports".
Implementation: Advertising integration on popular platforms: Youtube, Twitch, Telegram, VK, Instagram, with the participation of well-known media lists, as well as carrying out activities.
Result: - 7000 registrations of new users on the site; - 3500 (FTD) users who made the first bet (on e-sports).
to cover as much target audience as possible by means of video-bloggers, raise brand awareness, demonstrate how easy and comfortable it is to use the service.
Realization: Native advertising on 3 popular bloggers’ channels
Result: Videos with native ads have been viewed 1,2 mln times.

AliExpress Objective: creation and placement of advertising pre-rolls about the AliExpress Helper service on specialized channels of YouTube bloggers with a specific target audience. The ad emphasis is in the guarantee of delivery and the integrity of goods. The example of one of the integrations is on the channel TOKARKA (300K + of subscribers). The number of views of this video: 400K +

Objective: New players Registrations; Attraction of the first deposits (FTD).
Implementation: Advertising and Contests (Raffles) Integration on YouTube channels with large audience reach.
Outcome: The number of ad views - 20M + Number of the first deposits - 1000+ (for 2 months of ad campaign).
Mobile game C A T S promotion to Spain and USA markets using integration on target channels
Result: +1000000 advertising reviews and more than +5000 new game check-ins
Our partners
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